An Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process that is focused on getting a website optimized for the SEO Services in Aucklandsearch engines. Search engine optimization is an effective marketing strategy for improving the rankings of a website in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you operate a small, medium or large scale business in Auckland, there is no better way to get highly targeted traffic to your site than hiring the right SEO service in Auckland to improve the rankings of your site. SEO has numerous advantages to a business, especially a start-up company that doesn’t have millions of dollars to spend on advertising. Here is the best way to use an Auckland SEO service.

Search engine optimization helps increase the rankings of your business in the search engines. It has several benefits for your business. Some of the major benefits are increased traffic that is highly targeted to the product or service you sell, increased sales & conversions, increased profits, and a healthy bottom line for your business. In fact, SEO is an inbound marketing strategy where the customer is already searching for your product or service. They may use certain phrases to find your business on Google or any other search engine. That is why you need to take advantage of search engine optimization to improve the bottom line of your company without further delay. Your competition is already using SEO, and they might ethically steal your customers if you don’t invest in a good SEO strategy right now.

SEO is also a set of techniques for the following

  • Develop and design a website so that it ranks high within the search engine results.
  • Improve the quality and volume of traffic coming from the search engines to a website.
  • Market through understanding the way that the search algorithms work, along with what human visitors may be searching for.

SEO is one of the subsets of search engine marketing. SEO copywriting is another way that SEO is sometimes referred to, since a majority of techniques used for promoting websites within the search engines, work with text. If you’re planning on doing some basic SEO work, then it is critical to have a good understanding of the way that search engines actually work.

How Do Search Engines Work?

There are several activities that search engines perform to provide their search results.


This is the process of locating all of the web pages that link to a certain website. The task is undertaken by software, that is called a spider or crawler (or in Google’s case, a Googlebot).


The process of getting an indexed created for all of the web pages that have been found and storing them within a SEO Strategygigantic database so that they can be retrieved later. Basically, the indexing process involves identifying the expressions and words that describe the page the best and then assigning particular keywords to the page.


Whenever a search request is performed, it is processed by the search engine – i.e. it compares the search request’s search string with the pages that are indexed within its database.

Calculate Relevancy

There is a good chance that the search string is contained by more than just one page. Therefore, the search engine calculates the relevance for each of the pages for the search string that is in its index.

Retrieve Results

The final step that the search engine performs is to retrieve the results that are the best match. Basically, this is just displaying the results within the web browser.

Search engines like Yahoo and Google make frequent updates to their relevancy algorithm. This may occur dozens of times every month. Whenever you see your rankings change it can be due to something beyond your control such as a change in the algorithm. The basic operating principles of all of the search engines is basically the same, however, their relevancy algorithms do have minor differences which can result in major results relevancy changes.

What is SEO Copywriting?

This refers to the technique of writing text that is viewable on a web page in a way so that it reads well for the visitor, and targets specific search terms as well. The aim of SEO Copywriting is to achieve high ranks in the search engines for targeted keywords. In addition to viewable text, usually SEO copywriting works on optimizing other types of on-page elements for specific targeted keywords. SEO TacticsThey include alt text, headings, and keyword, description and title tags. The concept behind SEO copywriting is genuine content pages is wanted by the search engines instead of extra pages that are frequently referred to as doorway pages” which are created only to try to achieve high rankings for them.

What is Search Engine Rank?

Whenever you use a search engine to search for a keyword, it will display thousands of results that it has stored in its database. The rank of a page is measured by what position a web page is displayed within the search engines results. So if your web page is put in the first position by a search engine, then the web pages rank is number 1 and will be considered as the page that has the highest rank. The process of SEO involves developing and designing a website so that it can achieve high search engine result rankings.

What is Off-Page and On-Page SEO?

There are two optimization methods

On-Page SEO

This includes giving each page an appropriate title, putting keywords in the right places, good keyword selection and providing good content.

Off-Page SEO

This includes acquiring backlinks and increasing link popularity through submitting to link exchanges, search engines, directories, etc.

SEO Methods and Tactics

There are two broad categories of SEO methods:

White Hat SEO

Techniques that are recommended by the search engines that are part of the overall good design of a website.

Black Hat SEO

Techniques that are not approved of by the search engines and whose effects they try to minimize.

White Hat SEO

The following features are what make an SEO tactic be seen as White Hat:

  • Conforms with search engine guidelines
  • No deception is involved.
  • Ensures that the content that is indexed by a search engine and then ranked subsequently is the same content that will be seen by a user.
  • Ensures that the content of a web page is created for users and not merely for the search engines alone.
  • Ensures web pages are of good quality.
  • Ensures that the web pages have useful content that is available.

White Hat SEO tactics should always be followed. Never attempt to fool the visitors to your website. Being honest will definitely give you more than being dishonest. Watch this video for more information:

Black Hat SEO

If an SEO tactic has the following features it will be viewed as Black Hat:

  • Attempts to increase rank through using deception or using tactics that the search engines disapprove of.
  • Redirects users to a more human-friendly page from one that was built specifically for the search engines.
  • Redirects users to a different page than the one that was ranked by the search engine.
  • Serves one version of web pages to the search engine bots/spiders and a different version to human website visitors. This is tactic is referred to as Cloaking SEO.
  • Low-quality web pages are created that do not contain much content but instead are stuffed full of very similar keywords and phrases. The pages are called Gateway or Doorway pages.

Always avoid using the Black Hat tactics discussed above for trying to improve your website’s ranks. Search engines these days are smart enough to be able to identify the properties of your website and you won’t get anything from Black Hat tactics ultimately.