Using Facebook Advertising Services

Are you looking to gain exposure for your business, service or product? If so, then take advantage of Facebook advertising. If you have never launched a Facebook Ads campaign, then don’t worry because it is easy. Here is how to do it, as well as tips and advice on what to do.

Facebook Advertising

Create Goals-

Don’t blindly create adverts. Think about the main reasons why you are advertising in the first place. Set a few goals for yourself before you launch your campaign. When you have your goals set in place, then you will have something to measure your success against, which means you can make changes and tweaks to your ads when you are not achieving the success you want to achieve.

For example, if you created a mobile app and want more downloads via Facebook Ads, then set yourself a goal of at least 100 downloads in the first four weeks. When the time comes to choose the objective for your campaign, you will know exactly what to put in. Setting goals for campaigns is crucial.

Facebook Advertising Manager-

When creating an ad, you’ll eventually will want to use the Manager tool. This can be accessed via the drop-down menu within your Facebook account. Click on the CTAs on your page, as this will bring you to the tool too.

Facebook AdvertisingWhen you’re inside Ads manager, use the left-hand side of the page to navigate the menu. You should see a green button. Click on that button and then you will be able to create your first Facebook ad.

The Objective-

Now you’ll choose an objective for your campaign. You have over a dozen options to choose from. Look at the options and choose the appropriate objective.

Define Your Budget And Audience-

Next, you’ll want to define who your targeted audience is. You can do this by entering information such as your targeted audience’s age, location, gender, interests, behaviors and connections. Connections shows your ad to those who are connected to or not connected to a buffer, while behaviors refers to activity such as device usage, and interests refers to users’ activity, pages they like and related topics.

Additionally, there’s an option for advanced targeting. This allows you to include people whoa re connected to specific pages, events and apps. You can also exclude people connected to those things, and you can re-target people who have already engaged with your business.