Social Media Marketing

Using the full power of both content and social media marketing is one of the best ways to boost audience engagement and even convert these readers into potential customers. The process can however be a lot trickier than it seems on ink, particularly if one doesn’t have prior experience in online marketing. Understanding the fundamentals of social media marketing is the first step to maximizing output and returns on investment. Discussed below are 5 basics of SMM that everyone should adopt.

Social Media Marketing

Five Laws of Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is all about listening more and talking less. Listening here involves reading your target audience’s feeds on social media, participating in forums and discussions to get to know what they value most. It’s only by listening to their cries and woes that you can spark conversations by creating content that adds value to their lives.
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Focusing on one niche in social media marketing is the considerably the best way to engage more users, and attract more traffic. This therefore means specializing in one area, then creating content and posts on the same. Doing this helps you build a stronger brand as compared to targeting everyone.


Quality says it all in online marketing. It is therefore better to target a few quality connections on social media, and have them active than have tons of followers with no one engaging in anything.


One thing about online marketing, and especially in social media, is that things don’t happen overnight. Some level of patience is required to see your campaigns and strategies come through. It would therefore be advisable to practice patience here.

The Law of Compounding

Striving to publish quality content that engages your target audience positively not only helps attract quality followers but also allows them to share your content on their timelines and blogs. Nothing fulfills more than seeing your content shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other influential blogs.

Sharing and discussing content on social media opens up new entry points for search engines. This opens up a new world of followers that you may not have anticipated.